Xiaomi Smartband Xiaomi Mi Band 8 NFC Negru, AMOLED 1.62", Ritm cardiac, Oxigen, Calorii, Pași, Somn, 150+ moduri sport, 190mAh

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Smartband Xiaomi Mi Band 8 NFC Negru, AMOLED 1.62", Ritm cardiac, Oxigen, Calorii, Pași, Somn, 150+ moduri sport, 190mAh

Momentan NFC-ul este doar pentru plati Alipay. 

Versiune Asia cu limba engleza.

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Durata de livrare: Aproximativ 5-20 zile lucratoare

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Tip produs Smartband
Model Xiaomi Mi Band 8 NFC 
Culoare Negru
Tip display AMOLED 
Diagonala display 1.62 inch
Rezolutie display 192 x 490 px
Senzori Acceleratie, Proximitate, Baromestru 
Bluetooth v5.1
Limbaj Engleza, Chineza
Multi-sport (150+ moduri) Mers, Alergare, Ciclism, Fitness, Stepper, Eliptic,
Sarit coarda, Inot, Badminton, Yoga, Dans, Hip Hop,
Exercitii libere, Abdomene, etc.
Aplicatie de interactiune   Xiao AI
Sistem de operare
Android 4.4 / iOS 9 sau mai recente
Material bratara Silicon
Rezistenta la apa 5ATM
Functii Ritm cardiac
Contor calorii
Monitorizare somn
Antrenament respiratie
Control muzica
Monitorizare pasi
Tip incarcare Magnetic
Capacitate baterie 190 mAh
Autonomie Pana la 16 zile
Dimensiuni 48 x 22.5 x 10.99 mm
Greutate 27gr
Continut pachet:
1x Smartband Xiaomi Mi Band 8 NFC
1x Cablu de incarcare
1x Garantie

Senzori: SpO2 (saturatie oxigen), Barometru, Ritm cardiac, Acceleratie

NFC: Da, Doar cu Alipay

Functii: Notificari, Control muzica, Ritm cardiac, Antrenament respiratie, Monitorizare stres, Monitorizare somn, Alerta apel, Contor calorii

Model: Xiaomi Mi Band 8

Tip display: AMOLED

Diagonala display (inch): 1.62 Inch

Conectivitate: 5.1

Tip produs: Smartband

Limba meniu: Engleza, Chineza

Culoare: Negru

Versiune bluetooth: v5.1

Sistem de operare compatibil: Android 4.4, iOS 9.0 sau mai recent

Rezistenta la apa: IP65

Capacitate baterie: 190 mAh

Material curea/bratara: Silica

Autonomie: pana la 16 zile

Activitate monitorizata: Alergare, Mers, Inot, Ciclism, Badminton, Sarit coarda, Yoga, Eliptic, Abdomene, Fitness, Stepper, Exercitii libere, Dans, Hip Hop

Tip incarcare: Magnetic

Rezolutie display: 192 x 490 px

Touching and visual perception, the upper hand is agile and smooth

High refresh rate for a smooth experience, with a brilliant feel and sliding experience.stepless automatic brightness adjustment, accurately adapts to the ambient brightness,the screen brightness that understands your eyes can be obtained by lifting your wrist.

New quick release design stylish texture, fully transforme

The Xiaomi wristband has been upgraded with a brand new quick release structure, which not only allows for easy replacement,but also frees it from the surrounding "constraints" of the wristband,achieving more "material freedom" of the wristband.The exquisite bodyshowcases a fashionable metallic texture, bringing for the first time twonew mid frame colors, "light gold" and "bright black".

Versatile fashion wristbands Embrace the "freedom of fashion" with a new look

The brand new quick disassembly structure not only brings a fashionable texture, but also unleashes more possib ilities for wrist strap materials. The rich and exquisite fashion wristbands are endless, and there are even new necklace forms.

Pendant Pendants Small fashionable smart pendant

The brand new quick release structure gives the bracelet a brand new stage,pendant accessories, and exquisite and gorgeous necklace dial, transforming thebracelet into an "intelligent" decoration. lt can provide time, step counting, and NFCversion's unique card swiping function.

*Need to turn on the corresponding necklace mode in the bracelet or APP, after turn on,it cannot provide tie up and sports function such as heart rate and blood oxygen measurement.
*Pendant accessories are zero-complaint accessories, need to buy separately.
*Due to the special way of wearing the necklace.Pedometer accuracy may be deviated

100 fashionable dials in a unique style,not limited to any particular style

More than 200 new stylish dials with exclusive off-screen aisplays give youa constant source of inspiration for your outfits. A wide range of wristbandsand pendant accessories can also be found in a variety of official CP dials,each with a distinctive look and style.

150+ sports mode There’s always sport you like

New running bean modeMore professional feet for running

New features:Running Bean mode, providing you with a more professional running experience, not only can monitor regular running data, but also provide13 professional data such as stride frequency, stride length, touchdown-to-air ratioand landing impact, and provide professional interpretation of various data. For this purpose we have designed an exclusive accessory: the running pod,which allows the bracelet to be easily attached to the laces of your shoes, sothat you can train professionally and be ready to run.

*Running pods to be purchased separately.
The running pod accessory needs to be fitted with the dial facing you, wearing it in the wrong direction will affect the accuracy of your data.

Switching to 'Running Bean Mode'
Both the bracelet and the mobile app, can beselected to enter the running bean mode.Simply remove the wristband from the bracelet,fit it into the Running Beanf and clip it onto the laces.

View and adjust movements in real time.
on the Xiaomi Sports Health App, you can initiatewalking, running and cycling exercises.When running, you can view data such as stride frequency,stride length, landing impact and landing style tofacilitate real-time adjustments to your running posture

Professional data, enhanced in detail
After finishing your run, you can view all theprofessional data in the app, as well as theprofessional criteria and interpretation of eachdata to help you make further improvements.

Interactive physical boxing The ''body grip" that comes with you

Xiaomi Mi Band 8 is also a physical training device! Open the Xiaomi Sports & Health App's built-in Love Motion Combat and course and boxing training starts instantly! Follow the rhythm of the course and have fun while mastering technical moves such as straight punches, swinging punches, hooks, pacing and dodging. Whether you're tired of sittingat work or lying on the sofa at the weekend, you can have fun and train at any time!

Genki Value
Assesses your current state of physical vitality and converts it into a vitality score based on your moderate-to-vigorous activity over a 7-day period*.You will reap significant health benefits when you reach a cumulat vitality score of 100 over 7 days.

Intelligent escort mode
Too bored to run alone? Don't be lazy andfall behind with Smart Runner mode,whichshows you the gap between you and yourset pace in real time!

sports Data Casting
The real-time data on the bracelet can beprojected directly onto the corner of the TV,screen,making it easier to see your status,whether you're concentrating on yourtraining or watching a drama while you exercise.

Wrist Running Course
With 10 built-in running courses of differentintensities, you can choose the level of difficulty according to your condition and exercise baseand "supervise" you to meet the training requirements by suggesting heart rate and speed, so that you can run aloneand get a good workout.

Multidimensional Health Management Guardianship Day and Night Online

All-day heart rate monitoring
Supports automatic monitoring supportsabnormal heart rate alerts

Scientific sleep monitoring
Support for viewing daily sleep status

All-day pressure monitoring
support for high stress levels with active reminders to relax

Fun dials

A fun way to spend time when you're bored

The Myriad Centre is online and you can control your audio and videodevices at your fingertips

For the first time,Xiaomi Mi Band is equipped with Xiaomi Myriad Center, which controls a variety of Xiaomi smart devices and controls the audio streaming from your phone with your bracelet,making it easier to operate with one key switch.

New fast charging , long battery life and peace of mind for your daily life

The fast charging has been upgraded and takes only about 1 hour to charge. Typical usage scenarios are extended to 16 days and AOD mode can also supportup to 6 days for greater peace of mind in daily use.

Xiaomi miband 8, the voice assistant on your wrist Voice check weather, set countdown timer, remote control TV,air conditioner and other Mi Home Smart Home

5ATM waterproof*, waterproof with a hand With 5ATM waterproof* support, you can enjoy swimnwirmming in the pool without taking it off.

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