Video proiector Xiaomi Mi Laser 150", Android TV, Wifi dual band, Bluetoth, Redare 3D, Telecomanda cu microfon, HDMI



Proiectorul laser MiJia, cu un focus extrem de scurt vă permite să creați un adevărat cinematograf la dvs. acasa, chiar pe perete. Uimiți-vă imaginația cu o calitate de înaltă definiție, contrast și o calitate superioară a imaginii.


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Basic Information

Product Dimensions: 410mm × 291mm × 88mm (main machine)
Product Weight: 7.0 kg
Product Colour: White
Optical Parameters & Quality Specifications
Display Technology: 0.47 inch DMD
Standard Resolution: Full HD (1920x1080)
Compatible Resolution: 4K
Light Source Technology: ALPD 3.0
Brightness Mode: Light source brightness of 5000 lumens, Optional: highlighting, viewing, standard, Automatic: energy-saving mode, human eye protection mode
Brightness uniform value: JBMA > 80%
Color Range: NTSC 80% ~ 85%
Central Contrast Ratio: 2500:1 ~ 3500:1
Color Warmth: Standard, Cool, Warm
Projection Parameters
Projection Ratio (TR): 0.233 : 1
Screen Size: Recommended best viewing size is 150 inches
System Specification
CPUT968 Cortex-A53 4-core 1.8GHZ /64-bit
Built-in storage16GB eMMC high-speed flash memory
System Functions
Operating System: Android TV
Wi-Fi: Dual-band 2.4 / 5GHz
Bluetooth: Bluetooth 4.0 / BLE low power
Switch modePower on, off, off screen
Dynamic imagesSupport HDR
Keystone: Four & eight keystone correction
Lens focus: Electric focus
Image support: 3D
Sound Effects: DOLBY
Expanded support: External USB stereo surround sound
Speaker speaker: Full frequency * 2 + high frequency * 2
Remote Control
Bluetooth remote control: Bluetooth, voice, touch
Backend Interface: Ethernet port x1, SPDIF x2 (coaxial / optical),

Audio out x1, AV 3.5x1, USB 3.0 x1, HDMI2.0 / ARC x1, HDMI2.0 x2
Side connector: USB 2.0x1
Standard: Standard mode @ temperature of 25 degrees
Electrical Specifications
Power consumption: 250W (max)
Power input: 200-240V @50/60Hz
Standby power consumption: < 0.5W

Amaze your imagination

Huge screen and beautiful picture

MiJia Laser Projection TV featuring a fantastically short focus allows you to create a real home theater right on the wall of the room. Amaze your imagination with high definition, contrast and picture quality.

Ultrashort focus

Providing a 150-inch TV experience

The projector can be placed only at 50 cm from the wall

To watch a movie, you do not have to install the projector at the opposite end of the room. The projector focal length is from 5 to 50 cm, which allows you to project an image up to 150 inches at the minimum distance from the wall 50cm.

The projection easily adapts to the size of the wall. The image can be in the range from 42 to 150 inches — it’s not difficult at all to adjust the optimal screen.

The wires and interfaces of the device are located on the rear side so that does not spoil its appearance. The optical system of the projector was created by the famous optical technology company, Yorkey Optical. For the comfort of the user, designers have equipped the device automatic focus adjustment.

Professional image quality

Better brightness and contrast provide a better picture

The projector provides a high level of contrast, as well as the unprecedented brightness and rich color palette; due to this, the image quality can be comparable with professional cinemas. The contrast ratio about 3000: 1 allows you to display the darkest image, like the image of the night sky in the smallest detail. Together with a resolution of 1920×1080, HDR support you can see even shades of shadow on a dark screen.

This is a full-fledged cinema with professional equipment that will allow you to plunge into the world of widescreen video.

Innovative image generation technology

Automatic adjustment for any wall size

The projector allows you to adjust the image size to fit the wall. Adjust images between 42 and 150 inches and find the right balance for your room. The creation of a high-quality image is possible by the ALPD 3.0 — “Advanced Laser Phosphor Display” technology of laser fluorescence. It uses blue laser based on GaN to stimulate the moving fluorescent materials to produce one or more primary colors, applied to image display.

It provides the highest quality image with great detailing, as well as lively contrast, clarity, and color gamut. And technology from the world famous APPOTRONICS Company protects from eye fatigue.

The projector also diffuses its direct light source, allowing for more eye protection.

5 primary colors, true color reproduction

Over 85%NTSC color overlay

The color gamut is 85% higher than that of standard NTSC projectors. To achieve a vivid image, five primary colors are used, whereas, in conventional devices, maximum four colors are used

Lamp for 5000 lumens

Incredibly powerful light source

The projector is equipped with a lamp of 5000 lumens, which creates a projection brightness of 15-18 fl, which is quite comparable to a full movie theater. DLP translates any video and photo into digital format, which is output by laser to the wall. Using this technology allows you to achieve the best quality.

25000 hours — warranty period of the light source!

This is at least 10,000 films that you can view without changing the lamp or two hours a day for 34 years.

Built-in speaker system

The high-quality image deserves a decent sound in the Dolby and DTS format. Two built-in high-power double full frequency + dual high-fidelity speakers provide a wideband sound range with deep bass. Exclusive user’s sound settings customization allows achieving the most realistic sound.

Highly efficient cooling system

A new powerful ventilation system ensures a long service life. Three large coolers effectively cool each module of the system. Without overheating the equipment will last even longer.

Access to multiple films and programs

The entire world’s video content in one place

Using the Internet connection and the MIUI operating system, it’s easy to access your favorite movies and TV shows. This is a universal source of content, which everyone can appreciate.

Attractive appearance!

The device will fit into any interior

It fits easily into any interior and is combined with other Xiaomi appliances. Compact size, comparable to a small laptop, will allow you to place it even on a small surface. The dimensions are 410×291×88 mm -this is amazing!

Wide set of user interfaces

Combines with any content sources

The projector has 3 HDMI ports, a USB interface, a gamepad and a network connection to connect external media. You can connect even headphones and a microphone to it.

The device supports Wi-Fi and is equipped with the Mi TV system. This automatically means that it can be controlled not only by the remote control but also by the smartphone.

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